Products and Pricing

All items are made in a home kitchen, food is not inspected by the Department of State Health Services or a local health department.

Below is general product and pricing. All prices are subject to change and will only be finalized on your requested quote or invoice. Please contact me for exact pricing as every creation is different and requires different attention in different areas.

If you don't see a flavor of or frosting that you are looking for, please email, I may just not have mastered that flavor, but I am willing to try just about anything!

Thank you for your interest and please contact me for all your questions.

Cupcakes - - $1.75 each
  • Above price includes butter cream frosting with sprinkles    
  • $0.25 to $1.00 additional for top decoration (per cupcake)
  • $1.00 additional for fondant (per cupcake)
Cakes - - Starting at $2.00 per serving
(servings are based on the Wilton Cake Cutting Guide - 1x2x4 slice)
  • All occasions or Specialty Cakes
  • Please call for pricing details, as every cake is a special creation and will be priced per order
  • All special order or carved cakes start at $100 and up.
  • Basic 9x13 cakes start at $20 and up. (this includes buttercream icing, border, and writing)
Flavors - -
  • Super Super Moist Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Red Velvet (+.25 per serving)
  • Strawberry (+.50 per serving)
  • Spice 
Frosting - -
  • Butter Cream Frosting
  • Add additional flavoring to make your butter cream taste like just about anything.
    • Cookies and cream, chocolate hazelnut, almond, lemon, mint, peanut butter, coffee... etc (please let me know if you have a flavor in mind and I will see if that is an option)
Texas Cottage Food Law - -
  • As mandated by the Texas Cottage Food Law, I am only allowed to sell "non-potentially hazardous" baked goods from my home kitchen. Basically, it means that I am not allowed to sell anything that requires refrigeration. Therefore, I am unable to offer items like cream cheese icing, whipped icing, fillings that require refrigeration.
  • Because I do follow the Texas Cottage Food Law one (1) of the following must take place:
    • place your order at my house
    • make your payment at my house
    • mail your payment to my house, or
    • pick your cake up (if there is no major assembly required)
Payments - - 
  • Cash is always preferred, credit cards, checks, and PayPal is accepted. 
  • Returned check fee of $35.00
 Delivery & Set Up - -
  • 0 to 20 miles - - $20.00
  • 21-30 miles - - $25.00
  • 31-40 miles - - $30.00
  • $0.50 for each additional mile over 41 miles