Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Pie Time!!!

Mince Meat Pie (well meatless)
There is a first time for everything! I made this pie for my boss at the cake shop. Knowing that we all really didn't want to get her a cake started inquiring about pies and what our favorites were. She said mince meat was her favorite and she didn't make it any more since she was the only one who would eat it. Well at this point, we all looked at each other and asked "How the heck do you make a mince meat pie?" So, I went on search for a pie, but couldn't find a premade (I know I hate premade ones) one so I found a meatless recipe.

I was pleased to hear that it was one of the best Mince Meat Pies she has ever eaten!!!!! 
So glad that I made it!!

Pumpkin Pie
You can not go wrong with pumpkin pie!!!

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